Designation of origin

Assurance of origin, quality and production processes

The Cerrado Mineiro Region consists of 55 municipalities located among Alto Paranaíba, Triângulo Mineiro and Northwest of Minas.
It is the first coffee region demarcated in Brazil, with perfect territory for the cultivation of special coffees. With beneficial seasons – wet summer, dry and mild winter and an altitude hanging from 800 meters to 1300 meters, it is an ideal region for producing special coffees.
A Designation of Origin is a territory demarcated by producing coffees with unique, exclusive and authentic characteristics that aren’t found anywhere else. In Brazil, the Denomination of Origin is recognized by the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

The Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation, for being the organization that controls the Cerrado Mineiro Region Designation of Origin, certifies the origin and quality of the coffee by The Origin and Quality Certification which is what ensures that the certified product comes from the estates of the Cerrado Mineiro Region demarcated area.
The Origin and Quality certification process of the Cerrado Mineiro Region for sensory quality assessment follows the methodology and protocol of The Specialty Coffee Association, SCAA. As a proof of Origin and Quality Certification, The Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation provides the Origin and Quality Certificate and Quality Report signed by a Q-Grader.
Based on the unique attributes of the Cerrado Mineiro region Designation of Origin, attested and guaranteed by the Origin and Quality Certification, our coffees are produced using a unique production process. To attest this, the Cerrado Mineiro Region traceability system carries the history of producers and all the production process information, attesting Origin and Quality.